About Us

Welcome to my happy place! I am first and foremost the mother of two amazing grown kids and for that accomplishment I am most proud. I am also the Owner and Designer behind Fleur de Pup.

I am an avid lover of dogs and very artsy, and I've always been a bit tenacious ;)

I love an adventure, a good laugh, a bit of sarcasm and any occasion that involves a theme. 

My shop came to be after I made my very first collar (photo below) for my sweet pup Lucy so that she could help me welcome in a post-pandemic Springtime in 2021. I made a collar for her because I couldn't find the style that was occupying my imagination, and the idea of seeing her wear it made me happy during a time when it was challenging to smile. I had hoped that it would make others smile too and it did and Fleur de Pup was born.

Enjoy my shop and the whimsical creations within and be sure that you make time to be silly, or thoughtful, or supportive, or celebratory but most of all, be sure that you make time to smile. 

Poochas Gracias :)     



Mission: Our mission is to maintain the highest standard of unique, beautiful, handcrafted and domestically made dog collars that create a positive experience for both pet and pet parent.